City Employees Driving Safety

City Employee's-Driving Safely

Did you know that City employees go through annual trainings and daily reminders on how to drive safe? Staff understands that the vehicles they drive:
1. Represent the City
2. Are Highly Visible


City Staff is trained annually on commercial and non-commercial vehicle standards. Speed, safety and hazard situations are areas that each employee is trained on. Staff is instructed on the rules and regulations of the roads, how to drive cautiously and avoid collisions and traffic violations. Each employee is provided knowledge and defensive driving skills to recognize problematic situations.

City Staff is reminded daily on how to protect the general public. They are instructed not to speed, to wear their seatbelt, not to use cellphones while driving and to properly maintain their equipment in their truck beds.

Keeping Citizens Safe

We want to ensure our residents that safety is our main concern. If you see a city driver who is driving a city vehicle and not obeying the rules of the road, please report the license plate to: Street Superintendent.