Argenta Trail

Background Information

The City of Inver Grove Heights and Dakota County are cooperating on the preliminary design of the alignment of County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 28 and CSAH 63 (Argenta Trail) through the intersection of Trunk Highway (TH) 55 in Inver Grove Heights.

The design work will include an extension of the 4-lane divided section of CSAH 28 from south of TH 55 through the TH 55 intersection, to south of CSAH 26. The alignment of new CSAH 63 between CSAH 28 and CSAH 26 will consider the potential for a future interchange at the intersection of TH 55.

Improvements necessary at the intersection include turn lanes on all approaches, and the installation of a permanent signal system. The extension of future CSAH 28 (Amana Trail) will connect with CSAH 63 at a location that considers future potential ramp location and county access spacing guidelines. Construction is tentatively scheduled for spring 2016.

The alignments for both the south portion of Argenta Trail and the 77th St. W. realignment were approved by the City Council at their regular meeting on Monday, February 23rd. Please use the links below to view the individual project studies.

North Project Area Study
South Project Area Study
77th Street Area Project Study

Current Progress

At their regular meeting on Monday, March 23d the City Council will consider approval of an alignment for the right-of-way corridor for future Argenta Trail in the north study area. Please use the link below to view the staff report and information provided to the Council.

Engineering Staff Report - Updated March 23rd

For more information on the history of the study and the Regional Roadway System Vision Study, click here.

If you would like additional information or would like to provide comment, you can contact project manager Jenna Fabish or call at 952-891-7984.