Neighborhood Group News

Information for Neighborhood Watch Groups

Motor Vehicle Thefts

  • Lock all doors
  • Do not leave valuables in vehicles
  • Roll up windows
  • Don't leave your car running while doing a quick errand

Identity Theft

  • Shred all documents
  • Remove your driver's license number from your personal checks
  • Do not leave purses unattended in shopping carts
  • Remove Social Security Numbers from wallets / purses
  • Sign the backs of all credit cards

Bicycle Theft

  • Purchase a quality lock
  • Record the make, model and serial number of the bike

Property Theft

  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Keep garage door shut and service door locked
  • If going on vacation, contact the Police Department and request residence checks (free of charge) and stop all mail and newspaper deliveries
  • Record the make, model and serial number of all items you purchase

Dog Owners

Inver Grove Heights has a policy for all residents owning dogs. Dogs must have a license. These licenses can be purchased at City Hall Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (excluding holidays). If it is a new license, proof of the rabies vaccination must be provided. Licenses expire every other year on May 1, and the current cost of a license is $20 if the dog is unaltered and $12 if the dog is neutered or spayed.

When dogs are outside they must be on a leash. Dogs restrained by voice commands are exempt from this leash rule. The owners of the dogs must also clean up after them. A small plastic bag makes an easy clean up tool and is easy to carry. Enforcement action will be taken for dogs in violation of these ordinances.

These ordinances were written for the safety and health of you and your dog, as well as for the safety and health of others. Please be a responsible pet owner. If you need further information, please call the Inver Grove Heights Department of Public Safety at (651) 450-2525.

Crime Tip Line

Inver Grove Heights Department of Public Safety has a crime tip line. This is for people who want to give the IGH Department of Public Safety information on a crime or incident while remaining anonymous. The crime tip line number is (651) 450-2530.

Forming a Neighborhood Watch Group

The Inver Grove Heights Department of Public Safety would like to encourage you and your neighbors to start a new neighborhood watch group. There is nothing difficult in forming a group. It is as simple as you and your neighbors getting together in one of your backyards.

If you have any questions about Neighborhood Watch Groups, please contact the Public Safety Department at (651) 450-2525.

Maintaining Your Neighborhood Watch Group

When part of an established watch group, there are a number of activities that can be taken advantage of to promote continued participation in community watch. Use the power of the established group to everybody's advantage.

When a neighborhood works together to help take care of its residents, a safer and more cohesive neighborhood is created. The amount of crime in the neighborhood decreases and a greater sense of well-being is felt by all of the residents.

Stay active in your Neighborhood Watch Group. Reap the benefits of what neighbors can do when they work together to make our community a better and safer place to live.